Rio Tinto Outsourcing Deal is Already Producing Savings

July 27, 2009

I previously reported on the outsourcing deal struck between Rio Tinto (one of the largest mining companies in the world), and CPA Global.   While many in the LPO industry are eager to hear about Rio Tinto’s experience, that will obviously need to happen over time.  But a post in the AmLaw Daily today already points to some early positive signs.

According to the post, Leah Cooper, the Managing Attorney at Rio who was the driving force behind the deal, had originally hoped that outsourcing to India would be a way to free up internal resources in her law department.  But as she has already seen, it is a way to cut down on outside counsel fees.

In a large document review project in a case involving the FTC, Cooper says tha she saved $1.5 million on outside counsel fees.  Overall, Cooper estimates that her staff in India can get the work done at one-third of the cost of her in-house staff and at one-seventh the cost of outside counsel.

An Interview With Rio’s Managing Attorney

June 29, 2009

logo_rio_homeOne thing is clear if you read the  interview with the Managing Attorney of Rio Tinto, a Global Mining company that made headlines a few weeks ago when it announced a large LPO deal with CPA Global: there are GC’s out there who would like to law firms to embrace offshoring with more gusto.  Law firms that realize this will have a marketing edge (at least with some clients).  In the interview, the Managing Attorney, Leah Cooper, said: Read the rest of this entry »

CPA Global Scores Large Outourcing Deal

June 18, 2009

logo_rio_homeYesterday I noted that it is very difficult to evaluate the actual size of the LPO industry. Nonetheless, there are continued signs that the industry is growing.

Today, for example,  the Times Online reports that Rio Tinto, one of the largest mining companies in the world, is setting up a team of lawyers in India to complement their in-house team.

According to the article, this deal represents a much deeper commitment to working with talent in India: Read the rest of this entry »

CPA Global Poised for Significant Growth

June 2, 2009

CPA-1While the global recession has both created opportunity for LPO firms and at the same time, reduced the deman for legal services, one company is pushing forward with rapid growth plans.  CPA Global, an IPEngine competitor, is planning to hire 1450 employees in India over the next two years and create its third center in the country.

LPO Industry Continues to Thrive in Downturn

May 7, 2009

Pangea3 reported a 100% increase in revenues for the 12 month period ending April 2009.

Consolidation Continues in the LPO/KPO Industry

May 1, 2009

logo30Integreon, an industry leader in both KPO and LPO, has completed its acquisition of e-discovery provider Onsite(3).  According to a press release issued by Integreon, this acquitision further builds Integreon’s ability to be a leader in the LPO space.

There have been predictions for the last few months that this would be a year of consolidation in the LPO industry and this deal certainly confirms the trend.  But there is still a long way to go before a couple of industry giants dominate the playing field.  In the meantime, there are still many smaller providers like IPEngine who are bringing legal clients to the LPO model for the first time.