The Middle Office explores the emerging Legal Process Outsourcing industry, particularly where  it intersects with intellectual property law.  We discuss how LPO impacts your legal career (i.e. whether you practice in a law firm setting or in a corporate law environment).  We address industry trends in LPO, practical considerations in employing LPO, as well as criticisms of the practice.

logo-ipengine2The Middle Office is brought to you courtesy of IPEngine, an early stage LPO that is focused on the delivery of high quality  IP services (drafting patent applications, patent prosecution, freedom to operate studies, prior art searches, etc.)   We look at how LPO and other business trends affect the practice of IP law.  We provide commentary on how LPO and other business tools can impact the  effective delivery of IP services.

stevewebbiophotoThe Middle Office is authored by Stephen Seckler who consults with lawyers on marketing and who conducts marketing and business development for IPEngine.  The blog is a spin-off of his award winning blog CounseltoCounsel which covers career and marketing issues affecting the legal industry.

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