USPTO Responsible for Economic Crisis?

Well maybe in part (at least according to a frequent critic of the USPTO).  Gene Quinn, who writes the popular blog IP Watchdog suggests that a lack of funding and poor administration at the USPTO are responsible for a backlog of patent applications which is in turn harming innovation in the United States:

[The] primary reason innovation has not come through for us is because the Patent Office has for years held innovation hostage, refused patents, extraordinarily delayed even making a decision on patent applications, and this lead to the evaporation of venture funding for many US companies, and prevented many other companies from being able to interest those with capital because no exclusive rights had been obtained, or could be predicted in any relevant time frame.


One Response to USPTO Responsible for Economic Crisis?

  1. Gene Quinn says:

    Thanks for mentioning my article and website. For those interested in reading the full article you can find it at:


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