Lawyers Rain on Cloud Computing

images3Take any promising entrepreneurial idea and you can surely find a group of lawyers who will tell you why it will never work.  That’s the nature of practicing law; identifying risk.  I would argue, however, that the best lawyers not only identify risk, but they talk about how to manage it.  After all, a nuclear bomb could land on your home tomorrow; but that doesn’t mean it makes sense to move underground.

With that in mind, I commend to you an interesting article on “cloud computing”.Cloud computing is a relatively new term to describe what is not actually that new an idea.  In cloud computing, a company hires a third party vendor to house all of its data and provide all of its application software.  Cloud computing removes the need for a firm to have a large IT group to keep each desktop running and up to date.  (Digression:  if the world had adopted McIntosh as the standard, would we even be having this conversation?)

Cloud computing also has implications for outsourcing legal work because it makes it that much easier for documents to be worked on from remote locations without ever having to transfer files.

Sounds good so far, right?  Well read the article for a litany of problems that have been presented by two lawyers at Nixon Peabody.  I’m not trying to say that the risks they identify are tantamount to a nuclear bomb dropping on your home.  But I do think that some of the risks are overstated (and the authors could have spent more time addressing solutions).


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